Because we believe in this world and think it's the most important part of this universe, for it's all we seem to have, it has power over us. It's our belief that gives it that power and puts us at the effect of it.

If you can learn to withdraw that belief in the world, and put the belief where it really belongs, you can successfully undo the thought system that gave rise to the belief in the first place. You can return to a condition of cause and change your mind. Then you can, as the Course [A Course in Miracles] so clearly and succinctly puts it: "Choose once again if you would take your place among the saviors of the world, or would remain in hell, and hold your brothers there."²

You make this choice by choosing spiritual sight instead of the ego's "sight." It's done by investing your belief in totally innocent spirit everywhere, instead of in what the body's false eyes appear to be showing you. And so you overlook what you're being shown, and instead think of the truth.

It may be fair for you to ask, "How can I do that, when the world is always in my face?" And that would be a legitimate question. You've been set up by an expert. And from the moment you appear to be born to the moment you appear to die, you will be confronted by an endless series of problems. These problems are designed to distract your attention to the illusory screen you are viewing, hopefully forever, and keep your attention away from the place where the answer to life lies: in the mind that projected the false universe in the first place, and then convinced you it was all true.

It will take vigilance for you to change your mind, but that vigilance is the only thing that will lead you to happiness. There's nothing in this world that will do it. Does that mean you can't have the world? Ironically, you can have it. You just can't believe in it. That's how you give up the world, and you do have to give it up. But you give it up mentally, not physically, unless you feel guided by the Holy Spirit to do so in order to instill discipline. That's an individual guidance and it is not the same for everyone.

Happiness cannot be dependent upon circumstances. If it is, you're screwed, because the only thing you can count on in a world of shift and change is that it's going to shift and change. If you use the law of attraction and get what you want, which from observation seems to happen for about one in a hundred people who try it, it's still not going to last.

Nothing here is permanent. What has seeming life one moment can be snuffed out the next. That's not meant to discourage you; it's meant to point you to something that can never be altered—something that can make you happy in a permanent way, because it's not dependent on what happens. That's real spirituality, and it can be there for you no matter what appears to happen. And you can still have your life. It's just that now you're looking at it differently, from above the battleground. You're looking at life—and everything and everyone you see—with spiritual sight.

Even practicing the law of attraction, and other popular self-help techniques, would be a totally different experience, and would work a lot more often, if you did it with the Holy Spirit. The forgiveness process, which leads to true abundance, is the missing ingredient in these methods. When you work with the Holy Spirit, you're not alone. When you're making decisions, and doing things yourself, that's separation. That's also disaster. "Aster" means astral. Disaster means you're not connected to that higher place that knows better. The best way to be connected is to undo the ego interference that separates you from your true being, which is spirit. Then you can be guided to what's best for everyone, instead of what's best for your ego—that thing that wants to convince you that you're a body in order to keep its crazy game of separation going.

With the Holy Spirit, everything you do can be an expression of love. Then it's not what you do that matters—it's the love. If you're coming from a loving place, you're not going to be doing bad things; you're going to be doing good things. The forgiveness that undoes the ego leads to love automatically, because love and spirit are synonymous. Now what's in your mind, which is cause, is love, instead of the ego. Love needs nothing because it already has everything in a condition of oneness with spirit. You don't have to get anything from anybody. You can have a holy relationship. You can come from a place of abundance. How ironic that you are more likely to be led to abundance when you're already there.

Our belief in the universe of time and space needs to be dispelled. In fact, the Course [A Course in Miracles] uses the word dispel 26 times. That belief can be returned to God and His Kingdom if we stop thinking with the ego, start thinking with the Holy Spirit, and see through the eyes of Christ. Will we still be shown bodies by the ego? Yes, until we gently lay our bodies aside for the final time and go home. But we can choose to acknowledge only reality with our belief. As the Course tells us, "Salvation does not ask that you behold the spirit and perceive the body not. It merely asks that this should be your choice."³ Then knowing that as we see him we will see ourselves,⁴ it cannot help but dawn upon our mind that we are Christ as one, which is the perfect Love that we truly are.

Gary Renard

This article is an excerpt from Gary Renard’s third book, LOVE HAS FORGOTTEN NO ONE; Chapter 10: Love Has Forgotten No One; Pages 210 – 212

One of my favorite teachers of A COURSE IN MIACLES, Gary is also the best-selling author of THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE and YOUR IMMORTAL REALITY. All three of his books can be found on Amazon.com
Love Has Forgotten No One

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