. . . The illusion of happiness seems true only because we're conditioned to define happiness through external conditions like luck, good fortune, or the favor or approval we receive from people. It even infiltrates the language we use in our everyday lives. We say things like, "I'm so happy that my boss gave me a raise," or "My husband/wife makes me so happy" or "Owning my dream house makes me happy" or "Being successful in my chosen career makes me happy." These statements presuppose that something outside of ourselves makes us happy when in actuality, it is how we represent the event, person, or circumstance to our own mind that brought about the state of happiness.

Happiness is not an emotion that is caused by people, events or circumstances. It is a state that we choose to create in ourselves, sometimes as a result of people, events and circumstances. We've been conditioned to rely on external things to make us happy, when in fact, we don't have to wait for them to happen to us in order to be happy. Since we already know that happiness is something we choose to create, based on how we represent circumstances to our own mind, it stands to reason that you can choose to create happiness anytime, without waiting for luck or good fortune to come around, or before your desires are manifested.

Ultimately, it is you and you alone who can make you happy. This is true of all negative emotional states as well—you alone can make yourself become fearful, anxious, doubtful, stressed out or full of worry. You choose to create them within yourself, or you choose to eliminate them from your awareness.

Eliminating negative emotional states from your awareness becomes easy when you realize that your thoughts and emotions are not who you are. Thoughts, and the emotions that they wield, are simply mental constructs that have no meaning except the meaning you give them. You are the witness or the observer of your thoughts and emotions. It is your ego (your false self) that is doing the "thinking" based on its illusory idea of who you are. Left to its own devices, the ego will speculate, ruminate, overanalyze and rehash what could have, would have or should have occurred—not unlike a dog chasing its own tail. Like it or not, you are mesmerized by this endless succession of "mental entertainment" because you get some kind of perverted pleasure from satisfying your egocentricity. Instead of preoccupying yourself with the event, person or situation that your ego has perceived as being the cause of your negative emotional state, separate yourself from your ego and realize that you are a spectator of the thinking. Watch your thoughts and emotions as a parent would watch the behavior of a boisterous child.

Remember that just as you are not your thoughts and emotions, you also are not your possessions, your livelihood, your accomplishments or your reputation. Love is your true self. Therefore, let love—and not worldly preoccupations—define you.

Above all, don't put your happiness on hold until all the circumstances in your life become perfect—or until your desires manifest. Do not take the position of waiting for your fortune to change before you become happy. Reverse-engineer your life by being happy now. Happiness begets more happiness—and attracts an avalanche of the positive conditions you want in your life . . .

Surrender to prevalent circumstances in your life instead of trying to change them. When you're thankful for all things and infuse everything with love, you gain something that is exceedingly and abundantly more than you could ever ask, think or imagine.

If we were told we only have 10 minutes left before the end of the world, what would we do with that time? We would tell our loved ones that we love them. And yet in our busy workaday world, sometimes we allow days, weeks and months to go by without expressing our love to those whom we love. Do it today. Let love begin as a flame that you light within you. Love yourself first, and then spread that love beyond yourself and out into the world. Because at the end of our lives, we'll want to remember not how well we lived but how well we loved . . .

When your desires are motivated and nourished by love—and you stay connected to the energy field through love—your desires MUST manifest because love is the most powerful magnetic force in the universe that attracts miraculously wonderful things to you that are often greater than your desires.

But the greatest miracle, by far, is that as you become fully aware of love's presence within you, you'll discover the greatest joy of all—that love is its own reward. When you realize that your capacity to love comes from the divine presence within you, and that love is God's way of affording you a glimpse of his own unfathomable love, you'll know without a doubt that God's creative power is available to you every time you choose to love.

Carnelian Sage

The above is an excerpt from Carnelian Sage's book, THE GREATEST MANIFESTATION PRINCIPLE IN THE WORLD, Chapter 6: How to Infuse Your Life with the Greatest Manifestation Principle; Pages 124 – 131. 

It is a long chapter, and definitely worth the reading of every single word! There are actually five topics in this last chapter of the book, and I did my best to choose key paragraphs that I trust will give you a good feel for one of the best LOA books I've ever read. And, of course, it is available on Amazon.com
The Key to Happiness

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