One of the very best ways to instantly feel good, and to raise your vibration, is to choose to focus on a memory that fills you with so much joy that there is no room for any negativity to enter your thoughts. I first experienced the magic of this when one day "out of the blue" I suddenly remembered an experience in my life that was so extraordinary that, even many years later, made me feel enormously happy and brilliantly alivewhich, in turn, made my day rather magical…

Years ago, one of our most cherished family traditions was to spend long weekends in Snowmass, Coloradoa small mountain town that my family loveda place that seemed like the top of the world at a breathtaking elevation of over 8,000 feet.

Over the years we spent countless days and nights in Snowmass Villagealways staying at the same place, which seemed like our second home. Aspen was just a few minutes away and in the spring and summer months both towns were alive with festivals and concerts and celebrations of all kinds and, in the fall, we simply enjoyed the changing colors of the leaves, long walks, chilly afternoons spent in cozy cafes and, of course, the first snowfall.

But, with all there was to see and dono matter what season it wasour very favorite time was always at dawn, when the local ranchers would "run the horses." It was a sight that I will never forget as long as I live and it is a memory that has served me well…

My children and I would get up in the pre-dawn darkness and, because it was usually freezing, we would wrap ourselves in every blanket we could find as soon as we heard them coming. At first, we could hear what sounded like a faint beating of drumsa distant canter, made glorious by our own anticipation as the horses were led out of the valley and up the backside of the mountain. 

The sound of hooves was incrediblelike a thunderous world-beat that got louder and louder as the horses got closer and closer and closer. Then, suddenly, as if they had burst right through the sky, they were on top of the ridge and without missing a beat the four lead riders would split aparttwo going to the right and two to the left, leaving the horses free to race down the mountain. And, with manes flying and hooves poundingin a rush of fearless beautya hundred powerful stallions, more beautiful than anything I have ever seen in my life, would come thundering down the mountainside with another golden morning close behind them!

We were always awestruckwe never moved, we never spokewe just watched and listened and breathed it all in as the horses were brought up from the valley and then set free to run like the wind down the mountainside. To my children, these were magic moments, and I doubt that any of them will ever forget those mornings. To me, it was everything that magnificence is made of… power, beauty, grace, freedomand the memory of it is just as exhilarating for me now as the experience of it was then.

Aside from the magnificence of it all, what made this experience so extraordinary was that we never once "waited" for the next thing to happen. There was nothing to wait forwe were already there. From the first distant drumming of hooves we were inside the sound; inside the moment… inside the magic!

Our excitement, our anticipation, our awe... WAS the experience! All of our energy was in the present moment. We were beautiful, powerful, graceful and free because every fiber of our beings was running with those horses! Not for a minute were we ever on the "outside" of the experience looking in; not for a second did waiting ever occur to usmy God, why would we wait for something that was already there? Why would we wait when it was so much more fun to participate—when we could send our own energy out to meet the coming of the dawn? Never mind that for the first few minutes we couldn't see a thing as we sat there in the dark… we could hear it, we could feel it, we could be it while it was on its way! And all of that was no less satisfying of an experience than actually seeing those mighty stallions come charging down the mountain carrying morning on their backs!

Don't ever wait for something to come to you… enjoy all of the beautiful moments that lead up to a divine arrival. Climb inside the excitement of the process… become the journey! It is in the excitement, in the knowing, in the anticipation of what is coming that beauty and power and grace are born. And it is only from this vibration that you can draw to yourself that which will bring you unstoppable joy. 

To this day, before I even open my eyes in the morning, I choose my vibration… I choose to participate in the journey of what is comingto feel those feelings of anticipation and excitement. And I feel them by focusing all of my attention on a memory that is so vivid and so powerful that it will forever be imprinted on my mind: the sound of thundering hooves, the exhilaration of fearless freedom… the magnificence of a hundred wild horses bringing dawn down the mountain!

Heather K. O'Hara, © 2014 and beyond. All rights reserved.
Bringing Dawn Down the Mountain

"A Touch of Grace" from Heather O'Hara

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