"We are so ruled by what other people tell us we must be
that we have forgotten who we are."

Leo Buscaglia

We all seem to have an endless array of ghosts in our closets… things that we have said and done and believed that continue to distort the picture of who we really are.

We've all, at some point in time, believed the worst about ourselves and the people we love, instead of expecting the best. We've all done or said something that we wish we could take back, reinvent, do over… but in the grand design of the universe these are the very things that will lead us back to our truest selves.

Life is about turning and then turning again… We do things the way we do them, because we don't know any other way of doing them. When we know another way, we will do things another wayand every negative belief we have, every knee-jerk reaction we have, every unpleasant outcome we have will bring us closer to knowing that there is another way.

Without the experience of doing something that we now realize we could have done differently, there is no personal growth or expansion of consciousness. Sometimes we react "physically" and sometimes we respond "spiritually," because we are spiritual/physical beings; and we are all on our way to becoming the best blend of these two levels of beingness that we can possibly be. You cannot separate one from the other while you are on this earth; you cannot be only oneby way of being born into this world you are both and, as long as you are here, you will always be both.

So, before you do anything, forgive yourself… not for being human, but for believing that in your humanness you are not perfect. You are perfect. You are two perfect halves that make up a perfect wholeand the adventure of your life here on Earth, is to enjoy the art of mixing and blending.  

Very few are raised, educated and/or conditioned by other humans who are fully aware of their own perfection… and yours. Most haven't a clue about who they really are, but they all loved you and guided you and cared for you in the very best way they knew how. They didn't know what they didn't know and, somewhere along the way, you absorbed and began to believe about yourself what they didn't knowand what they didn't know is that they, and you, are perfect beings.

What they didn't know is that they, and you, are valuableregardless of the worth anyone else places on your words, your actions, or your presence in this world. What they didn't know is that they, and you, are importantregardless of whether or when or where you fit into someone else's definition of "significant." And, further, what they didn't know is that they, and you, are powerful.

Yes, powerful… Powerful enough to mix and blend, mix and blend. Powerful enough to turn away from what does not uplift you; and turn towards Grace. Powerful enough to let go of someone else's story, which you have innocently believed was your own, and rewrite itfrom beginning to end. 

Powerful enough to be differentto think your own thoughts and to choose your own way. Powerful enough to fall down seven times and get up eight. Powerful enough to do and be and have whatever brings you joy! 

Powerful enough to throw logic to the wind, to create your own path, follow your own feelings… and live your own dreams. Powerful enough to replace old beliefs with new beliefs; false beliefs with true beliefs.

Yes… you are powerful beyond words, beyond description; and you deserve to know the truth about yourself. And, the truth is: You are valuable. You are important. You are perfect. And, you are deeply loved. 

Feel this truth… breathe it in… make it your own; spend one minutejust one sacred minuteremembering who you really are . . .

And now you are turning,
my beautiful friend…
and now, you are turning towards Grace.

Heather K. O'Hara, © 2014 and beyond. All rights reserved.

Turning Towards Grace

"A Touch of Grace" from Heather O'Hara

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