I Celebrate You, My Sisters

I CELEBRATE YOU, MY SISTERS… we are the daughters of the Universe; and in this world there is no man, no hero, no victory or nation that does not begin with us. We arrive here, one by one and willingly, so that others might also arrive. And, as women, we are the divine gates through which all of humanity assembles on Earth and all mankind evolves.

We bear not only the children of the world, but from us also emerge: Ideas that change the course of history; Compassion that changes the course of lives; Love that changes the course of destiny; and, perhaps greatest of all, the Possibility for every soul on Earth to experience the touch of Infinite Grace through our handsa touch, that strengthens the spirit and changes the course of human existence.

We embrace both the old and the new. We care for our parents and our children; and with just as much love, we care for parents who no longer have children and children who no longer have parents. Someone does not have to be “our own” for us to love themwe love because we are women; and we are women because we love.

We are powerful yet we are gentle in our power. We are strong yet we are tender in our strength. We are wise… yet we are innocent in our wisdom. We are poetry. We are music. We are passion! We are sensitive; we are sensual; we are smart. We are courageous enough to do the impossible, and intelligent enough to know that “risk” can enhance life as well as destroy it.

We tie our hair back, pull on our boots and, without hesitation, we sink our beautiful, ancient hands into pungent black soil and rust-colored rivers to help the ones we love. We build bridges. We carry water. We lift each other up in silence and in song. We hang on. We let go… We fall, we rise; we dance. We listen with our hearts and we hear thoughts, words, feelings that only a woman can hear.

We are fire. We are warmth. We are comfort. We give birth to prophets and kings; and we bring beauty and grace to the world. We laugh, we cry, we love… oh, God, how we love! to the ends of the Earth and back again we love our lovers, we love our children, we love each other…

Yes, I celebrate you, my sisters! We are the link that connects Earth and Heaven; and we are beautiful, wise… and strong.

—Heather K. O’Hara © 2005 and beyond – All rights reserved.

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