Matthew’s Song

Although death has given me yet another name,
I am the same as I have always been
I am no further away from life than life is from itself.

I have done no more than turn a corner,
cross a bridge, and accept myself as one who travels lighter.
I live where I have always livedin the thoughts of others,
in the magnificence of flowers, in the center of the wind.

I am well, for there is no greater honor
than to be carried forward by those I cherished
before I was given another name;
and I am better knowing that my gifts will journey further
by way of gentle hands
my light, my love… my joy; these gifts, I know,
will touch the children of tomorrow,
through all those whom I have loved.

We have always been one
we are not more separate now
than when we walked together beneath the stars.
I am here beside you; I am in every blade of grass,
I am in the laughter of every child,
I am in the songs of the sparrow,
the music of the rain, the wings of a butterfly;
I am the sunlight on the river, the soft blue of the sky,
and the cool lavender shadows,
which bend along the mountainside.

Yes, I am here, where I have always been
within the promises I have kept, the dreams I have shared,
and within the hearts of those who I carry within mine.
I am here, because this is my home,
and this is the place where I can always be found
right here, where I am loved;
right here… next to you.

—Heather K. O’Hara
from AXIS, The Song in the Center of the Soul


In loving memory of my stepson
Matthew Tracey Leong
April 19, 1976 – October 6, 2002
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