The Lightworkers

​The lightworkers
weave themselves
through awakened dreams,
like pale-golden-threads
woven into a tapestry of souls

They come softly,
their slender voices
touching the sacred songs within us,
drawing our eyes and our hearts
always towards the poetry of morning.

They move gently
through the mastery of the universe
seen in the smile of a stranger
and in the tiny hands of children
fashioning heaven out of sand.

They appear
in the faces of jewels
the sapphires and emeralds
scattered along the paths of kings;
speaking sometimes,
through the miracle of words
written on the pages of the moon.

Like starlight dancing on shadows,
they are here… and there…
swiftly imagined into every shape,
yet often disguised
as ordinary colors of the day
the sound of their playfulness
carried by Solomon's joy;
the rapture of dawn… and
the laughter of the sage
who has fallen into the water
while gazing at his reflection in the pond.

More than a mere possibility,
they are the sparkling messengers of Creation,
inspired by each courageous step
of the soul that loves to dance!

—Heather K. O’Hara
from AXIS, The Song in the Center of the Soul
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